About us!

We are Hello, Sweetz your ultimate candy destination! We're here to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with our scrumptious selection. You can visit us at our Brick and Mortar located in Tarpon Springs, Florida or enjoy our online store where we supply your licorice and taffy needs!

Indulge in the enchanting flavors of licorice, where classic meets exotic. From traditional black licorice to tantalizing twists, our assortment will transport you to candy paradise. And if you're a taffy enthusiast, prepare for a chewy adventure! Our taffy collection boasts a rainbow of flavors, ranging from fruity bursts to creamy sensations.

A Candy store with a sweet appeal, a bit of a vintage aesthetic mixed with a modern feel. Kids and adults are attracted to the sweet and whimsical atmosphere. Our selection of sweets are a bit nostalgic and our licorice brings a taste of adventure with our salty black licorice from Holland. Our salt water Taffy is sweet and creamy true to flavor. Then there is our chocolates. We also cannot forget our sugar free section, chocolates, cordials and licorice for those who need a little less sugar in their life.